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What We Do


We offer and end-to-end informal mediation service for two parties or more, with the goal of developing a written agreement for the parties to implement and as the basis of a more productive working relationship.


Each case features a rigorous exploratory preparation phase to ensure that mediation is a suitable option, and the parties themselves volunteer to participate.


Once agreed, we typically mediate for a whole day in a neutral location and followed by an aftercare process lasting up to 6 months post-mediation.


Our experience is that working on a retained basis with occupational health providers and other organisations is most advantageous for all. However, we also work on a per-case basis.

Benefits of Mediation?

  • Nip conflict in the bud in a matter of days and weeks rather than months and years 

  • Reduce the likelihood of timely, stressful and expensive formal grievance and tribunal processes

  • Strengthen staff retention, commitment to the organisation and overall wellbeing

  • Empower staff to take ownership of challenging situations 

  • Demonstrate your organisation's values in action - walking the talk on creating an internal culture of effectiveness, purpose and care 

  • Develop better and more durable ways of working within teams 

  • Reduced recruitment costs of hiring new staff to fill the roles of those who leave due to conflict 

  • In a candidate-driven market, effective conflict resolution will improve organisational profile and reputation with top talent

Embedding Key Communication Skills within your workforce

Our full day in-person and online workshops are all about embedding key communication skills within your workforce. Skills which enable teams to have challenging conversations proactively and effectively, and thus nip conflict in the bud.


Many conflicts take root either because of a mishandled conversation or a missed opportunity to have the necessary conversation.


The majority of formal grievances and mediations would not be necessary if leaders, mangers and staff were able to use these skills in critical moments.


Examples of our workshops include:


  • Negotiating relationships and managing expectations in the context of the pandemic

  • Equipping managers to have challenging conversations

  • Using a mediator’s tools to nip conflict in the bud

Benefits of Embedding Key Skills?

  • Equip your managers to nip conflict in the bud, thereby spending more time focused on business priorities  

  • Enable your managers to increase trust, purpose and support within their teams through effective conversations

  • Invest in the growth of your managers and staff members

  • Developing overall communications internally strengthens key client relationships

  • Reduce workload on your HR team

Systems Design

Truly effective internal conflict resolution is built upon effective systems and processes. Unfortunately, many are legacies of the past and no longer fit for purpose. It’s like trying to grow fruits and vegetables in poor soil – possible but very difficult.


We partner with organisations to review, design and implement the underlying structures you need to embed innovative best practice within the cultural fabric of your organisation.


  • We undertake a comprehensive review of all policies and systems relating to internal conflict resolution and then feedback to you as collaborative partners

  • We make recommendations as to what effective change looks like

  • We design new systems, processes and policies to build the foundation for effective conflict resolution

  • We implement these structures and provide ongoing support

Benefits of Innovative Systems Design?

  • Save money otherwise spent on unnecessary conflict and protracted formal processes

  • Cost-effective investment in long term solutions 

  • Higher levels of confidence and trust amongst the workforce

  • An agile and effective HR capability

  • Be on the forefront of employee relations and strengthen your organisation's reputation in the process

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