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conflict management


Mediation Champion of the Year - 2015

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Civil Mediation Council

Workplace Mediator 

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about us

Bubbers-Jones Mediation is a specialist conflict resolution service that supports ambitious organisations to serve their employees more effectively.


Specifically, we facilitate mediations between staff members who are experiencing damaging interpersonal conflict.

We work with all parties to facilitate a comprehensive and best-practice process, complete with careful preparation and dedicated aftercare for up to six months post-mediation.

In particular, we support occupational health providers to serve their clients through a dedicated on-call mediation capability. For example, a university, business or NHS trust needs to resolve an internal conflict between staff and turns to their dedicated OH provider for support. 

We are that trusted third party and act promptly, compassionately and discreetly. 

We also up-skill employees to have challenging conversations more effectively, as well as designing systems and policies to nip future conflict in the bud and improve staff wellbeing. 

Why is This so important?

Unresolved conflict damages everything it touches, yet many organisations, including occupational health providers do not retain an ‘on call’ mediation service for when their staff and/or clients need one. It is a simple yet essential capability for nipping conflict in the bud and improving wellbeing in the workplace.


Just over 35% of the UK workforce - 9.7 million employees – experienced workplace conflict in 2018-2019, according to the latest research by ACAS*.


56% of respondents cited increased anxiety, stress and/or depression as a result of conflict, whilst 40% reported lower motivation.


ACAS estimates that conflict costs employers £28.5 billion annually, representing an average cost of approximately £1000 per employee.


Crucially, 74% of staff who participated in mediation fed-back that their “conflict had been largely or fully resolved”.

*, May 2021

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Tony Berry, Contracts Manager
OH Works

Our clients are very happy with the results achieved by Owen, and this is reflected in their continued requests to use his services

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Gill Carding
The Association for Pastoral Supervision & Education

Thank you for introducing us to mediation at the APSE Midlands regional meeting last week in such a clear and enabling way...I think the chat comments and engaged participation of those present indicated how well you pitched your input. I think your flexibility to respond to questions was particularly appreciated.

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Mediation Participant
NHS Trust

Owen is...very easy to speak to, very calm and non-judgemental, he makes you feel very safe and manages to get you talking even when you feel that you can't or don't want to. I think the service Owen offers can be the first steps in a healing process and if you...need mediation, he provides a very compassionate service.

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Our values

Respect is the foundation of all our interactions, as it takes courage to look the other person in eye in order to resolve conflict


We bring empathy to every case, because people in conflict are experiencing some kind of pain, confusion or discomfort


Curiosity, since it is only through listening, learning and growing that we can create a better future  

Steadfastness, because we believe in people’s capacity to make progress with the right support

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